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Ilona Vēliņa-Švilpe


The Library of Latvian University is the accredited library with the national significance. Its main task is to ensure a support for the studio process and research at the Latvian University by providing informational resources and services of high quality. Modern technologies ensure the quick and convenient access to contemporary valuable scientific informational resources to each user. The author of the proposed presentation introduces new branches of the Latvian University’s library: the Library of the House of Sciences and the Library of Natural Sciences at the Academic Centre – a campus of the Latvian University. In each of the Academic centre’s buildings there will be a branch library serving students and members of the academic staff according to a discipline they specialize in. The Library is integrated into the learning space making it easy to use and interact. By working hand in hand with the academic and scientific staff librarians can respond and develop services for different users’ groups. The availability 24/7 is a big step towards different users’ needs. As for librarians, their goal is to support and promote student success by providing optimal scientific physical and virtual environments related to modern culture. Libraries provide users with the contemporary scientific information-based environments that help to improve personalities’ scientific competencies.

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