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Ilona Vēliņa-Švilpe, principal librarian at the Latvian University’s Library in Riga, Latvia.

She is responsible for the newest branch library of the Latvian University’s Library – the Library of the House of Sciences opened in 2019. The House of Sciences is a part of the second development stage of the Latvian University Academic Centre. Ilona’s daily work consists of the cooperation and support for members of the academic staff, researchers and students of two faculties, as well as seven scientific institutes. 

The main focus of her professional activities is the improvement of higher school librarians’ pedagogical competence as well as the study of the new generation’s problematic aspects of informational knowledge and these issues’ solving. Ilona  learnt at the Latvian University Master’s studio program “Educational Sciences” and she successfully defended her Master’s paper “The Promotion of Higher School Librarians’ Pedagogical Competence”. Now she study at the educational program of the professional development “Ensuring Organisation Operations, Development of Seminars, Conducting Workshops and Consultations Online”.

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